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The MEDICINE MIRROR Cards are not available in the book trade. You can buy them via ebay or directly from me. The set Incl. Accompanying book costs € 18,00 + postage.

These cards are based on the philosophy of the North American Indians.

They have emerged, inspired by Native American culture, as well as shamanic literature and George's own, instinctive understanding of these warm, open-hearted, emotionally and spiritually people nourished by Mother Earth.
The ideas of the Indians were different from ours, including the understanding of the meaning of good and evil. They naturally lived a kind of innocent life, strengthened by the deep attachment to their spiritual helpers and in accordance with the everlasting flow of events in life, as well as in the inner harmony with nature and connected with the great medicine wheel of life, that is reflected in the four directions.

Knowing that a separate, living Medicine Mirror mirrors itself within the personality and mind of each clan or family member.

Yet, this nation was overshadowed by humans of a strange darkness (the white man and his manner) they could not understand.
As you begin your own spiritual journey, trying to understand the motives of your inner dreams, as well as your hopes and longings and what really lies behind your pain, as well as your deepest, inner longing and the many aspects of your own darkness. These cards give you the opportunity to see a true picture of yourself.

The MEDICINE MIRROR Cards allow you to fully connect with your inner powers and help in finding your self and the Divine in you. The cards are called "MEDICINE MIRROR Cards", they lead a life of their own and they are laid to be read and you will be able to intuitively feel the spiritual pattern behind the cards.You will feel both the possibilities and the potential, if you willing to change your attitude to your problems and your life, but if you resist this change, the picture will remain the same.
These cards have their own unique duality. A positive and negative aspect can not be called good and evil, they have their own opposition in their own reality.
They convey both ancient wisdom and George's sense for the philosophy and beliefs of Native American culture. The book tells the story of each of the 38 motifs. At the end there are also three types of laying and two example readings.

With the help of the cards we can solve your problems together, find new ways, make decisions and gain a new view of things. Most importantly, you change your attitude to your own life so that the message of the cards can come true. They reflect your innermost self, revealing the patterns of the journey through your life.
The lettering of the cards and the book are bilingual German / English
The set consists of 40 cards and a companion book.

The set is not available in the bookstore. You can buy them via ebay or directly from me. The set Incl. Accompanying book costs € 18,00 + postage.

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