3—Card Reading for Love




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Past karma stands for the memory we bring with us at birth. We can learn from past karma as we learn from both positive and negative past experiences.
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Counting coup means the power and confidence in the Great Spirit. Overcoming the fear of death or dying, and knowing when the time has come, it is the right time.
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The old man has regained his innocence through the harmonies and dangers of life and now has the wisdom to use them.

You can continue now the paths you have taken in the past. Just do not make the mistake of comparing past situations with current ones. Everything that happens to you now should be viewed as something new and act accordingly. Always think of cause and effect, if you sow potato, you can not harvest strawberries.
You do not have to prove how brave you are, you just need to be yourself.
The person you will meet or have already met will love you for what you are and not for what you want to prove.
The knowledge and abstract energies that are in you from birth come to the surface and you will be able to use them.
From the experiences you have made so far, you should have learned a lot, and you can use that knowledge wisely. You now have the maturity and the wisdom to do what brings you to your goal. Because today you know, no matter what you want to achieve, it is not possible without the personal commitment.

Dear A .......,
it's not always easy to be "just being yourself". Too often, you fall into the habit of doing what you think your partner wants, does him good ...... or what ever. You should free yourself from that. Just learn to be yourself. When you feel comfortable in yourself, other people automatically feel comfortable in your presence. And always remember: every thought, loaded with emotions, feelings and the appropriate mental images, is like an order for "above" that strives for realization. So think about the things you want to accomplish, not the things you fear. You'll see if you've done it once, how much easier and more beautiful everything is, and so you get step by step closer to your goal.
I wish you with all my heart that your wishes come true.
Lots of love, Carola
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